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Operating from a four-acre site at the heart of Dublin’s docklands, Ireland, Gary Keville Transport Limited (GKT)provides a diverse range of services across many sectors of the haulage industry. Dedicated expertise and ongoing investment have established GKT as a major player in general/heavy haulage, the abnormal load and heavy lift business, and many other key areas.

Gary Keville Transport are the established leader in Ireland for providing heavy haulage and self loading / offloading solutions to logistics and construction management across a wide range of sectors such as power plant, wind energy, construction, civil engineering, industrial projects and oil & gas plant construction.


Heavy and Abnormal Load Transport

We provide abnormal load haulage across all industries throughout Ireland. Our huge range of specialized heavy haulage vehicles and our expertise route and traffic management mean we can provide our clients with a full end to end service. We provide route surveys, obtain the necessary permits, remove obstacles, liaise with Gardai, and if necessary can provide a full traffic management service through our sister company GKTM. GKT have a highly skilled, dedicated workforce. Our experience and technical know-how has been accumulated over the years. From qualified heavy duty truck drivers, steersmen, crane operators, slingers, escort drivers and traffic management controllers on the operations side to logistical and design experts on the engineering side, GKT is well equipped to provide a solution to practically every heavy haulage and heavy lifting requirement.

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