Sector: Power Generation

In recent years, GKT have worked extensively in the transportation and installation of power station components throughout Ireland. Our vast fleet of specialised tractor units and trailers, mobile cranes, coupled with our highly trained, highly experienced workforce make GKT the industry leader in providing logistical solutions to the Power Generation sector.

GKT’s Total Transport Solution means that we can take care of the transport of all equipment, loading, off-loading, transport, storage, installation. We provide route surveys, obtain the necessary permits, remove obstacles, provide necessary escorts with our own fleet of escort vehicles, and liaise with Gardai. We have the largest fleet of specialised equipment in Ireland and we  have built up a strong working relationship with an Garda Siochana over a number of years.

With our range of crane equipped tractor units, we are able to deliver any load to it’s proposed location and assist with installation of each component.