Heavy Haulage and

Abnormal Load Transport


Heavy Haulage Experts

Gary Keville Transport Ltd. (GKT Ltd.) specializes in heavy haulage and abnormal load transport.


Leading Heavy Haulage Company

Operating since 1993, GKT has established itself as the leading heavy haulage company in Ireland. Continuous investment in people and technology has made GKT the company that it is today. The company has shown its ability to adapt to the ever-changing area of transport and haulage and has the ability to meet clients’ needs.


Abnormal and Wide Load Transport

What is an abnormal load?

An abnormal load is a vehicle or load that falls outside of the limits allowed by Road Traffic Regulations.

We have a huge range of specialized heavy haulage vehicles. Therefore, we can lift and move almost any load. Furthermore, our expertise in route and traffic management allows us to provide a full end to end service. For example, we provide route surveys, obtain the necessary permits and remove obstacles. We have a strong relationship with the Gardaí and will liaise with them when required. GKTM Ltd. can provide a full traffic management service.

GKT’s Thermal Screening Unit

GKT have developed a Covid-19 thermal screening cabin solution to ensure the safety of employees returning to work after lockdown.

Many companies will be implementing temperature screening over the next few weeks and months. This solution, using Lara Electrical’s Contactless Fever Screening technology, allows a steady flow of people to pass through safely and efficiently.

For more information on this solution contact us here on 01-6674322.

GKT Abnormal Haulage


GKT have an extensive and specialized fleet of vehicles, machinery, and technology to be able to provide the total transport solution that different clients require. In addition to providing haulage for heavy and abnormal loads, GKT can provide specialized services such as crane hire, forklift hire, traffic management.

Crane Hire

GKT are experts in the lifting and transport of heavy goods. Crane equipped tractor units can be used to lift heavy loads, multiple crane equipped tractor units can be used together when necessary to provide more power for lifts and also make a lift safer. Crane equipped trucks can also access areas other cranes can’t and can assist with the installation or removal of machinery within, for example, a power plant. An expert driver and crane operator is provided with each crane equipped truck.

Remote Controlled Crane

The latest addition to the fleet is a 150 Ton/Mtr Knuckleboom Crane mounted on tracks. Both the crane and the tracks are controlled remotely. This unique tracked crane brings versatility to a whole new level. The tank-like tracks allow this machine to go almost anywhere.  Heavy outriggers are mounted at both ends of the frame to provide stability



Remote Controlled Crane on Tracks
150 Ton/Mtr Knuckleboom Crane, mounted on crawler tracks.

Forklift Hire



Heavy Forklift being delivered on trailer

GKT specialize in the hiring of lifting equipment, including forklifts for heavy lifting. With over 25 years as leaders in the heavy haulage industry GKT are experts in the area and can offer a full delivery and collection service anywhere in the country. In addition a highly trained expert driver will be on hand to operate your hired forklift.

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