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GKT are leaders in Ireland in providing crane hire for a multitude of purposes. GKT have a number of crane equipped tractor units and heavy haulage trailers, thus ensuring a fully mobile crane hire service, making remote sites easily accessible to heavy lifting equipment.

150 Ton/Mtr Knuckleboom Crane

No location is out of bounds!

Our 150 Ton/Mtr Knuckleboom Crane can access the remotest of sites. It has both a remote control crane as well as a remote controlled crawler.

Our unique tracked crane brings versatility to a whole new level. The tank-like tracks allow this machine to go almost anywhere.  Heavy outriggers are mounted at both ends of the frame to provide stability.

Our crane equipped trucks also provide versatility and can be used in various situations and environments. 

If you would like to find out more about our tracked crane or crane hire in general then do not hesitate to contact us.


When you hire a crane from us you also hire an experienced driver and crane operator. With our crane equipped trucks you not only get the use of a crane. If required, we can also provide transport, escort, traffic management, and storage facilities. This is an example of GKT’s total transport concept. 

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