Heavy Haulage Sectors

GKT are an established leader in the heavy haulage industry, providing many services to logistics and construction management across a wide range of sectors. These sectors include power generation, construction, civil engineering, industrial projects and oil & gas plant construction.

With a vast range of crane equipped trucks and trailers at our disposal, we are pioneering a ‘total transport concept’. For instance, we self load, transport, self offload cargo, install equipment when required. Thereby, eliminating the cost and timely use of multiple mobile cranes (in ports, at intermediate storage locations and at site).

Machinery Moving

Heavy Haulage for the Power Generation sector
Heavy Haulage for the Power Generation Sector

Heavy Machinery Relocation

GKT have for many years now been performing heavy machinery and specialist equipment moves, including the swapping out of old machinery for new. 

Using our own crane equipped trucks and specialised equipment, we have performed many complex machinery moves, many of which were is confined spaces and indoors. 

 E-Motion 40

The eMotion heavy duty transport load moving system, battery powered and remote controlled for the professional internal heavy goods transport on clean and even floors. All movements are proportional and precisely controlled via remote control with a single joystick, incl. LiFePo4 battery, battery charger, turntable with anti-slip rubber pad and radio remote
control. Equipped with high-quality HTS nylon wheels (load wheels) and specially manufactured polyurethane traction wheels, which are abrasion-resistant, non-marking and cut-resistant as well as suitable for all smooth and level floors. In combination with an S skate or two ROTO skates with the same installation height it forms a safe overall system with 3 load points.



Power Generation Sector

Power Generation Haulage
Heavy Haulage for the Power Generation sector
Heavy Haulage for the Power Generation Sector

Haulage and Lifting for the Power Generation Sector

In recent years we have worked extensively in the transportation and installation of power station components throughout Ireland. We have a vast fleet of heavy haulage, crane equipped, tractor units and trailer.  It is due to this, coupled with our highly trained, highly experienced workforce, that we are leaders in providing logistical solutions to the Power Generation sector.

Our Total Transport Solution means that we load, off-load, transport, store, and install equipment. We provide route surveys and obtain the necessary permits for transporting equipment. We remove obstacles and provide necessary escorts with our own fleet of escort vehicles. Our relationship with the Gardaí has developed over the years, meaning we can liaise with them on major projects.

We have the largest fleet of specialised equipment in Ireland including crane equipped tractor units, meaning we can deliver a transport solution like no other.

Wind Energy Sector

Wind Energy sector

With the emergence of wind energy as a viable solution to provide for Ireland’s future energy requirements, wind farms are becoming more widespread. The scale of wind-turbine components, which include the blades, nacelle, the tower, rotor, along with the remote and sometimes elevated location of the wind farms, can prove to be a demanding logistical operation for some, but not for GKT.

Not only do GKT have a modern fleet of heavy haulage trucks and the specialized trailers required for all aspects of windfarm logistics, we also have the expertise and the experience which makes us the best in the business, thus providing our clients with peace of mind and assurance that we will do the best job possible. We excel in safety, expertise, efficiency and optimisation of all logistics involved in the transport of components to their destination.

GKT’s Total Transport Solution means that we can take care of the transport of all equipment, loading, off-loading, transport, storage, installation. We provide route surveys, obtain the necessary permits, remove obstacles, provide necessary escorts with our own fleet of escort vehicles, and liaise with Gardai. We have the largest fleet of specialised equipment in Ireland and we  have built up a strong working relationship with an Garda Siochana over a number of years and with our own dedicated traffic management company, GKTM, we can provide a complete service to our clients.

Heavy Haulage for the Wind Energy sector
Heavy Haulage for the Wind Energy Sector

Rail Sector

Rail sector

GKT’s range of Heavy Haulage Tractor Units & Extendable Lowload Trailers, combined with crane equipped trucks, gives us the ability to transport rail carriages with ease.

Plant and Machinery

GKT are specialists in the area of plant and machinery transport. We can transport the heaviest of power transformers, load. offload, manage traffic, create detailed route plans, review safety, provide escort vehicles and traffic management when necessary and liaise with the Gardaí when it is required. If you have any plant or machinery to move, contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Aviation Sector

GKT has worked extensively within the aviation sector. Whether on site at an airport replacing airbridges or moving high tech flight simulators Gary Keville Transport is at the forefront of the aviation sector for transport and haulage.

Recently we transported a new flight simulator to Ryanair’s headquarters in Swords and placed it within the new flight simulator building adjacent to the airline’s headquarters.