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Recovery Services


  • Heavy Lift Recovery
  • Transport to our storage depot
  • Storage for insurance inspection
  • Storage for Court Evidence
  • Storage for Health & Safety Authority Inspection

Heavy lift Recovery Scope

  • Overturned Vehicles & plant
  • Vehicles and Plant deemed unroadworthy
  • Vehicles and plant that have shed their load
  • Vehicles & plant ‘not towable’
  • Fallen Structures
HGV Recovery

HGV Recovery

Truck to be Recovered
Preparing to remove trailer
Truck to be Recovered
Truck and Trailer after incident
Recovery Services
Tandem Lift of damaged trailer
Tandem Lift of Damaged Tractor Unit
Damaged Truck being lowered onto GKT trailer for removal

Marine Recovery

Recovery of Racing Yacht from Rocks in Treacherous conditions

In this video, the “Raging Bull’ Yacht broke it’s mooring during a heavy storm and ended up on the rocks. Skerries. GKT were on hand to recover the yacht and save it from ruin. This was a race against time and the elements, while maintaining the highest health and safety standards for everybody involved and spectators who had gathered nearby.

Only 1 year later this yacht was back to winning ways.

Marine Buoy Recovery

4 TON Buoy Recovery / Lift & Transport Operation

GKT’s scope of work included travelling to a roadside location at Dublin Port, crane lift – self load / recover the 4 ton Buoy from the shore side (18m reach) to our trailer and deliver to the Dublin Port Authority Maintenance

Using a tractor unit + 150 ton/mtr remote control crane, the roadside lifting activity was executed in a 25 minute operation which kept traffic disruption to a minimum.